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Piano Pal™

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Piano Pal™

Soothe your soul while you relax and play the sound of peace

✔️ Provides magical, soothing music-The Piano Pal is the ultimate music maker. It's peaceful melody will have you playing it non stop as it creates and aura of peace and tranquility
✔️ Easy to learn-Unlike other instruments, the Piano Pal is easy to learn. It doesn't take a skilled musician to figure out how beautiful each note is and how simple it is to make your own. Once you've started, it's hard to let it go
✔️ Hand crafted-It's unique design will have people asking you "what is that?" since it is rich in ancient African memories. The kimbala (Piano Pal) has been around for years providing a sense of comfort and relaxation for all those that are around it.
✔️ Perfect for kids and pets-It's been known to soothe many in its unique way. One instance is the effect it has on children and pets as is provides a relaxing tune that soothes them

Do you enjoy setting the tone and relaxing?

Well that just became easier with the Piano Pal. This pocket sized mini-piano will enhance the way you relax by making you magical soothing relaxing music. When  you've worked hard or had a long day, its time to unwind with some soothing sweet sounds. Let the smooth music play and harmonize your soul. After all, you've earned it.Proven to reduce stress and anxiety this pal will become your best friend.

What is the Piano Pal™?

The Piano Pal is the originator in pocket sized portable music. It is a hand crafted kalimba made to soothe those listening to its beauty. What is a kalimba you ask? A kalimba is a an ancient African instrument that acts as a thumb piano that originated in Zimbabwe many years ago. It has been refined to todays age as the original Piano Pal. It is said to possess spiritual healing properties that soothe and relax those who hear its melody.

Why the Piano Pal™?

✔️  Fun to play anytime and anywhere

✔️  Perfect for pets and babies

✔️  Easy to learn - no experience needed!

✔️  Soothes one's mood with beautiful melodies

✔️   Lightweight and easy to take with you

✔️  Helps reduce stress and anxiety


Q- Is it easy to use?

A-Absolutely! It doesn't require any past instrumental experience. With only a few keys, its simple enough for anyone to become an expert shortly

Q-How long does it take to get?

A-We process our orders as soon as they come in. We like to have our Piano Pal's shipped to you within 7-14 days.

Q-What if I don't like it?

A-We're so confident you'll love our Piano Pal that if you don't absolutely love it, just send it back for a full refund within 30 days!

Q-Is it like a piano?

A-It's similar to a piano in a way but totally different and unique. They sounds it makes are different to that of a piano and the keys aren't coordinated the same way either.

Q-Do i need batteries?

A-No need! Our Piano Pal doesn't require batteries as it is not powered electronically. Enjoy the fine music wherever you go without looking for a charge.

~Change the way you relax, change the way you enjoy your music~

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