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The Dream Mask™

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The Dream Mask™

Do you struggle falling asleep?

Unfortunately a lot people struggle to live with some sort of insomnia and it makes it much more difficult to sleep. If you're struggling with sleep, let the dream mask make your day (or night). The Dream Mask™ blocks out light and soothes your mind with your favorite music. It's built with bluetooth that will pair with your device.Relax with soft sounds or dream with your favorite tunes. Either way relaxing is what it's all about.

More sleep equals more you

Get more out of your day! Don't let another tired, sleepy day derail you of what comes first. Sleep is essential and with more sleep comes more energy! Give your body that peace of mind and get more out of your day!


Traveling has never been this easy! Now with the Dream Mask™ you're going to wish you had this earlier. Fall asleep comfortable on a plain, train or even the backseat of a car. Block out the outside noises and light and travel efficiently!

Why the Dream Mask™?

✔️ Proven to improve sleep cycles
✔️ Better quality of energy
✔️ Soothing and therapeutic
✔️ Small and portable
✔️ Perfect for traveling 
✔️ Built in Bluetooth

What's included?

-A Dream Mask™
-Charging Cable

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